Securities Registration

Image registrars are a leader in the market in the area of shares registration. With a shareholder database over one million and holding the most traded counters in the NSE, our capacity to deliver is guaranteed. Driven by a strong team of staff and State of the Art Technology we have been and continue to provide the following key services;

Immobilization and De-immobilization

Immobilization is a process by which the Registrar verifies signatures and validates certificates for purposes of confirming shares deposited to the CDS. This is in line with the current trend in the market to have shares held in electronic form rather than share certificates. The process entails;

  • Checking that certificates are valid, contain the details recorded in the original source data and that they have not been traded or immobilized.
  • Confirming these certificates as immobilized, and canceling them for safe custody, and returning a report to the CDS to confirm the deposits.
  • Sharing necessary reports with the CDS

De-immobilization is a process where shares held in the CDS are withdrawn and re-issued in the form of share certificates, on clients’ request

Private transfers

Where shareholders hold shares in certificate form and wish to transfer to other parties by way of gift, or where a deceased’s shares are to be transferred to the beneficiary, a Private transfer is performed. Subject to the appropriate documentation being presented, the transfer is effected and a share certificate issued within 60 days.

Dividend processing

Upon advice by the Company and approval by the company’s Board/shareholders, we do the following:

  • Prepare data for dividend payment, both in form of cheques and funds transfers
  • Depending on the clients’ preference, print cheques, or deliver data to a contracted bank of choice to do the payment
  • Prepare Withholding Tax cheques and returns to Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Perform account reconciliation for the dividend account

Reporting and Compliance

We provide reports on behalf of our clients as per the regulations of The Companies Act.Among these includes;

  • Audit Reports for CMA, NSE and Registrar of Companies
  • Annual Returns – report of past and present members
  • Account Inquiry and Analysis of Shareholders by size, categories, dates, brokers, etc​

Shareholders Queries

We maintain professionally manned helpdesk facilities to address all queries from our clients in relation to their shareholding, as well as general advice on matters of shareholding, trading procedures etc. Our Query Tracking System ensures that shareholder and client queries are handled in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the customer.

Securities Registration

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