Welcome to Image Registrars

Welcome to the Official Image Registrars Limited's Website. Established in 1993,we are the leading securities registrar and secretarial services provider in Kenya.

Serving our clients is second nature to us and thats why we have continued to invest in state-of-the art technology marshalled by a team of dynamic and dedicated professionals to offer world class service.

Having served more than 63% of shareholders listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange,you can always bank on our experience to ensure your shareholders are treated with the dignity they deserve.We will always be there to help plant the seed and work with you in the full cyle i.e From a concept->IPO->Full fledged Share Register.

Whether you are a corporate client or a shareholder we have developed this website to provide you with an array of information at your convenience.Incase you need more information from us,use the contacts provided and our friendly customer care team will be more than glad to listen to you.


Did you Know ?

  • We have been involved in 6 out of the last 8 IPOs in Kenya
  • The registers we manage represent over 63% of total shareholders accounts in the Nairobi Stock Exchange
  • We hold over 100 registers for companies not listed at NSE
  • We poineered Mobile dividend disbursement system
  • All our Information Systems are developed in-house